2022 Leander Lions Booster Club
Executive Board

Lisa Ortiz-Morris


Brandi Burkman


Becky Funk & Hilda Fuentes


Martin Cano

Vice President

Jessica Webster


Danielle Linzer & Earl Lott


2021 Platinum Members

Sean and Rachel Baumgartner

Richard and Jenny Burtner

Jonathon and Marie Bynum

Jason and Gina Gordon

Sean and Maryjane Kesler

The Klaer Family

Kindal Mitchell

Phillip and Kelly Saenz

Eva Valentine

Clay Bridwell - Modern Shade

Matt and Kristin Butler

Brian and Amy Earthman

Kyle and Maria Kennedy

The Kilcrease Family

Benaiah Linzer

The Nowicki Family

Jeff and Karen Unger

Kindal Mitchell

Spirit Wear

2021 Champion Members

Thomas and Brandi Burkman

Shannon Gambino

Fred and Lisa Jammer

Jesse and Irene Quiroz

Chris Tracy

The Cano Family

Justin and Katie Hanner

Matthew Lynam

Ray and Jodi Sterriker

2021 Lion Members

Jake and Jennifer Baillie

Jennifer Evrard

Peter and Amber Kazmir

Patricia Sanz

JP Christensen

Jacob Flores

Derek and Tara Peitz

Darin and Jessica Webster

2021 Blue Members

Sharon Alba

Chellis Evers

Wade and Becky Funk

Ray and Heather James

Anna Martinez

Amie McLaughlin

Kimberly Parker

Alton and Danielle Pope

Roland and Lorie Rodriguez

Catie Barber

Angela Franklin

Michelle Hernandez

Jennifer Lisaceck

Matt and Kim McCall

Jessica Mitchell

Kim and Rob Parsons

Renli Reynolds

2021 Red Members

Shelly Mobley

Muggy and GG

Susan Schubert